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Indy Holisitic Hub

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What does holistic mean?

Holistic refers to a philosophy and approach to health and wellness. It means caring for a person’s total well-being in mind, body, and spirit. Holistic professionals specialize in a lot of different areas that cater to these components. They recognize that total well-being is a synergy of all 3 combined. We are greater than the sum of our parts! Holistic professionals are known for providing natural options, providing complimentary services alongside other providers, and working with you on options for optimal care.

How can I meet and network with other like-minded people who want to embrace a more holistic life?

Attend classes and events! Check out our monthly calendar for what’s happening. Sign-up for our newsletter to be kept in the loop on what’s new and ways to connect.

How do I pick a holistic provider?

You can learn more about offerings and specific providers through their directory listing, classes, and blog articles. These resources allow you to know more about them, their style, and offerings. Always learn about their credentials and ask the questions that are most important to you in making your decisions. Reach out to them directly for further information and to ask your specific questions. They would love to hear from you! Always express your specific needs and trust your instinct.